Monday, May 02, 2005

Sidereal astro-forecast for this month

Trinity of Chiron-(The Wounded Healer); Aries-(Mars) & Scorpio-(Pluto): Whirling in a healing crisis, a host of new opportunities presents itself to us this month under a trinity of challenging healing aspects promoting spiritual clarity under powerful planetary influences due to the Chiron Retrograde, Aries New Moon, and Scorpio Full moon. May 8th blesses us with an Aries New MOON, Chiron Retrograde begins and we all honor Mother Nature on a glorious MOTHER's Day! Take a special moment to let a 'mom' know you appreciate and honor her by choosing a special card or gift, or even a secret special prayer meditation that you may do privately (Buddha's Enlightenment Day as well). This will, of course, nurture the New Moon Mother's Day, and bring you a delightful wish come true! Interestingly, both Chiron and new Moon influences work together here to bring about positive change in your life -- and your blessings will appear in many ways; emotionally and physically, esoterically and always in the manifested reality of your 'truth.'
When the full moon comes on the 23rd, at 4:18pm EDT, a natural feeling of abundance will reveal with clarity. Just look up at the full moon on this evening, and if you can 'see his face clearly' then you will also 'see' your blessings in full as the days move forward into the next season of time: spiritual and practical abundance all around us. Sometimes we miss smelling these "Roses" because we seem too busy with other things. Instead, focus on the abundance of Mother Nature as a way to draw still more prosperity to yourself, and to your life. Enjoy this month, as you experience something spiritually healing and spectacular. This is certainly a time where if you will to 'see the light' in all things, both what we perceive as negative and what we acknowledge as positive, then you will truly live in the present, the most favorable place to live. You will grow from this moment, which allows you to receive your greatest blessings now, and in the future, especially in areas of relationships and self-love. ~


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Does this forecast apply to all of us, regardless of our 'star sign' ? You have obviously copied this text from somewhere, as I'm sure the sentiments about "taking a special moment to let 'mom' know you honour and cherish her" do not reflect your own ! In any case, do you find it strange that "Big Brother" starts on Mother's Day ? Not to mention Buddha's Enlightenment Day. (Poor Buddha)

I've also put the date of the Full Moon in my calendar, and will look forward to the prophecy promised.

Also, it's good to see that your blog has somehow mysteriously reformatted itself so that the blog post are not longer hidden away at the bottom of the page. Are you now going to consider changing the title of your blog ? I certainly hope so.

What happened to the tarot of the day though ? I always enjoyed reading it.

10:27 am  

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