Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Shall I be 'mother'?

Had such a beautiful dream last night, I did not want to wake up; just wanted to lie there enjoying it for as as long as possible... It seemed I found myself creating my ideal family: with my two sisters as daughters, and two live-in lovers as dads, let's see, that makes 5 (funny, that!), the same number as the cats, when I added one magnificent black (with a little white) Persian, whom I called Adam, my favorite. I had to train the girls to release their keys to me immediately on return from school, otherwise they exposed me to the stares and ridicule of an elderly neighbour, a bit like Rosa, who called them 'latch-keys', when I called them 'independent'. The apartment seemed quite high up, but had a limited number of rooms, which problem the girls solved by converting one semi-alcove into another bedroom, so each of them had a room of her own, all immaculately feng-shuied, especially that of the youngest, who had her bed in the small, alcove room set up like a throne. The deciphering of a poem on a small glass prism took up the last part of the dream: it seemed two poems, reflecting each other on two sides of the prism (something like Julio Cortazar's interlinear palimpsest style!), and something about mother being small enough to fit into this prism... Which reminded me of the shard of ice-crystal that lodged in Kay's heart in the Snow Queen, and whereas it always seemed Bjorn Erik had one of these before (and I wanted to melt it), now I have one... Maybe the Snow Queen represents both our mothers, but now shrunk down to a manageable size and imprisoned in the prism? Which seems why this dream ended up giving me a good feeling ;-))
Comments: 5 = the number of my so-called first family, and also the number of the pentagram, as the perfect man or woman (as in Crowley's "every man and woman is a star");
Adam = Josh's middle name, so he still seems in there, even in this female-dominated household! ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

What do you think the first part of the dream means ?

10:06 am  

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