Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Eurovision drinking game ;-))

Drink two fingers, if...

Presenters try to be funny.
Female presenter changes her dress (the first looked pretty terrible, the second looked better, to give her credit)

Main singer is grossly overweight (only applied to Malta, sorry) ;-P

Act steals ideas from Eurovision acts from previous years (Bosnia-Herzegovina the new Abba? Aaaaaaaarrrggh, from 1999!)
Foreign acts sing in English (nearly all, save France, of course) ;-P (As if they would sing the language of the English peeg-dogs!) lol

The judging
Cyprus gives Greece 12 points (absolutely no surprise) ;-P
Denmark gave Norway 12, but Sweden only gave Norway 8, Denmark 10.

France gives United Kingdom null point.
Acts where the lead singer is attractive and receive high (8+) points and the act is crap (Israel?) ;-P
Surprising voting - you judge what seems surprising! Turkey gave Greece 12 (sorry, Turkey just went down in my estimation for this!) ;-P
National symbols are seen somewhere: Ok, the Ukraine's anthem of the Orange Revolution (not a patch on Ruslana of last year, quite frankly ;-P)
Drain your glass...
Norway only gave Sweden 1 point, but 12 to Denmark, would you believe? (And the Danish singer looked more like the autistic students he supposedly taught) ;-P
If Greece gives Turkey any points then stop drinking! This is very unlikely to happen so you must be veeeeeery drunk at this time. GO TO BED....No, obviously Greece gave all its points to Cyprus.....d'oh!
And absolutely no one will befriend Germany.....poor old Allemagne ;-P

Ok, my hot favorites (as if anyone cares), in order of preference were:
(1) Norway (who cares if they showed their lunatic, Freddie Mercury side; at least they did not score zero, lol) and Turkey (yet another great belly-dancing number such as they won with a couple of years back);
(2) Hungary, Rumania, Moldava, Serbia-Montenegro, Germany (stakkars Tyskland! ;-P);
(3) UK, Israel, Croatia, Latvia, France (who said I have prejudices?).

And silly old Greece won, with its poppy, all-too-poppy number, in English... Once again, as in 1999, when Sweden won again with a remake of ABBA, I feel like giving a primordial Munch scream, and drinking myself into oblivion..... Why do I do this to myself every year? Somehow, I believed in last year's (Ruslana of the Ukraine still rocks, as do the UK for catching UKrainian fire from her, the Ukraine's answer to our own Wendy Rule?) ;-P

Once again, Eurovision looks like a Rocky Horror Picture Show, and yet I watch in horrified fascination ;-P


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Oh My God, Claire ! You did fulfill your threat to blog about the Eurovision Song Contest. It seems like you must have been sitting there with pen in hand taking notes to have remembered all this information. Poor old Greece : winning, yet being called "silly old Greece". But then again, I can't really comment as I didn't watch it, entrenched in the virtual world of "Big Brother" as I was.

11:21 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

What do you mean, "threat"? I call it a promise.....and yes, I did sit with pen in hand and take notes...and at least the agony and the ecstasy only takes place once a year, as opposed to Big Brother, lol!
I thought the standard higher than usual, but Greece seemed to me the runt of the litter this year ;-P

10:28 pm  

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