Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ed Sullivan's really big show: rock and roll epiphanies ;-))

Thanks to Craig, I find myself tuned into Ed Sullivan's "really big" rock and roll shoo ;-))
OK, to begin at the beginning: Jackie Wilson cannot hope to compete with Elvis, given that the 'Elvis magic' based itself on his appearance as "a white guy with a black guy's voice" (native American genes could account for this?): Jackie Wilson, 'only black', could not hope to compete with this awesome oomph from the gene pool, and who cares what Elvis did below the waist: above the waist seemed just as magickal? lol
Beatles or Stones? A great divide.....yeh, the divide between Sherbet and Skyhooks pales in comparison! lol (A hint for Sebi's next mini-poll?)
You know I remain a Beatlemaniac in my heart, baby, cos nothing will surpass that Norwegian Wood, although the Stones also had their moments of wit and delight...But you have to give it to the Mamas and Papas for (temporarily) converting Ed Sullivan himself into a flower-child/hippie, and James Brown just for sweating off 3 kilos a night in his performances....Still, I love how the US might have spawned rock and roll, but the UK well and truly usurped it...and the wonder that little Michael Jackson appeared (before he degenerated into a freak): that cute little purple hat.....Omg, Ray Charles rocks, What'd I say? Gerry and the Pacemakers seemed only a sad and pale imitation of the Beatles (wannabes)... Omg, the Doors equate to a sad and half-assed attempt at real magick (as if they knew anything about what Aldous Huxley or William Blake knew about the doors of perception): "TRY to set the night on fire?"... I get however "good, good vibrations" from the Beach Boys (but then you know me, as a sidereal Pisces).....Omg, Janis, the epiphany of the goddess!! Omg, I love Janis, in her rawness, and ruggedness... Where can we find the Creedence Clearwater Revival we need now, in these Iraq-troubled times? Omg, go, Beatles, again: I wanna hold your hand...Time to go and attempt to sing the Norwegian national anthem (if not Norwegian Wood) to my beloved, this Norwegian national day ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

From whence did these rock and roll epiphanies come ? How can one listen to this show ?

10:12 am  

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