Sunday, May 29, 2005

Cat People Tarot: Ace of Swords

The figure on the Ace of Swords seems ready to take initiative, strong, observant, determined, and efficient, but not overbearing or brutal. He stands atop a hill, vigilant, on guard, looking out for opportunity. He wears a spotted catskin to symbolize the union of the feline's powers with his own, of its spirit with his spirit. His companion cat died a natural death and the man wears its fur with honor and love; he had earned the cat's trust and proved himself worthy of its companionship.

Wow! A very different interpretation of this card to what I would have thought. Wearing the catskin reminds me of the wolf in Sebi's dream swaddled in leather, also symbolizing the union of another's powers with his own? Perhaps symbolizing the union of both our powers in the dream world? Reminds me also of when I used a daggy old jacket Bjorn Erik hated, just because he had once worn it, and it seemed all I had of him at the time, besides his 'Sean Penn' manner of smoking ;-))


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