Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Yellow Cosmic Sun (an email conversation on wyrd_crossings)

NArdS (also Victorian):
Dates have never had any significance for me, although very little ever happens on my birthday, which is usually the least newsworthy date of the year.


Mine seemed on the whole rather quiet and even less newsworthy than usual, yesterday (ho hum, I find myself less and less thrilled by the concept of birthdays; after all, what do they mean but the annual return of the sun to the point it occupied at one's birth, in other words, a solar return, as in "many happy returns"? Possible piece of pagan, astrological lore that snuck into common English usage there!). It was the first birthday (rapidly approaching the half-century mark) where I discovered it truly more blessed to give than receive, i.e. I 'gave away' (Native American Turkey medicine) two 'presents' of presence, one in terms of making an X-men figure 'come alive' in a colouring book for a non-speaking, but not uncommunicative intellectually disabled adult, and the other in terms of feng shui challenge (environmental counselling, as I think it translates from the Chinese)! Who said colouring books could not also amount to works of art? Who said in 'giving' we do not also 'receive'?

I did go into a tail-spin of! when someone wished that I "live till 100"...what, live to be more than twice as old as I find myself now? Surely you jest!


I once encountered a mage of some repute, who periodically kept a perpetual diary. He had kept it for several years and recorded his daily events for a few months and then would fall out of the habit. He commented to me abut the synchronicity of events which would occur on the same day several years running, or that would become obvious years after the events have occurred.


One day, people will look back on my blog and say the same thing, NArDs? I found the really spooky synchronicity for yesterday in the Mayan calendar, namely, that it fell on a day of the Blue Crystal Storm, in a Blue Crystal Storm year, so that has to mean something, and I will keep the affirmation for yesterday permanently in my email signature, at least until Mayan New Year (July 26th) in remembrance of that ;-))

The really good news for everybody? Mercury nows goes straight, as opposed to retrograde, so now everyone's communications should run a lot more smoothly, and with less delays ;-))

Ansur, Oregon:

As my Guru once told me, existence is cyclic and we live in circles within circles. For example, we and many other living things respond to the cycles of the moon. According to some, the moon's cycles create great power during certain phases--which many magic users exploit. But in my studies on such things, I found that instead of the crime rate and/or the birthing process going max during the full moon as has been reported, they actually lag the full moon by several days.


Yeh, but on the other hand, many surgeons refuse to operate on full moon, because patients bleed more under the knife: what is wet becomes wetter and you will also find it tends to rain more at full moon, whatever the season! Also, check psychiatric hospitals and telephone counselling agencies: they don't call them 'loonies' for nothing! lol


There are also solar cycles (seasonable), solar system cycles (astrology), galactic cycles, and universal cycles--all intertwined and working in concert or against each other.


*little wheels spin and spin, the big wheels turn around and around* (Buffy Ste Marie), Ansur: and the Mayan calendars with their multilayered resonances help you appreciate this, so that "time" (a four-letter word) really does become "art"! ;-))

I love all your above ideas, and actually think I'm going to adopt the former. As far as the New Orleans funeral, I caught a glimpse of some such thing on tv once (a real one, not in a sitcom or something) and was utterly taken with it. And the music! I've wanted that ever since. I wonder how to organize it.

As I have said, I wanted a Viking funeral (you know, where they burn your body in a longboat on a fjord), but I have heard they have now made them illegal! ;-P Interestingly the Blue Crystal Storm does combine the powers of "universal water" and "universal fire", so in a spooky, unconscious kind of way, I kind of anticipated that too? ;-))

Should we call our funeral our real "birthday"? Catholics do, because they date saints' days from the person's so-called death-day ;-))

Not sure who asked this:
Has anyone here ever had the experience of knowing an anniversary for a date that hadn't happened yet but when it did there was some accuracy in what they knew would happen?

I don't know, but when my favorite angel cup broke a week before my most fateful Good Friday, I knew something bad would happen! ;-P
Maybe it comes of having one's solar return around, in and out of the movable feast of "Easter" (as silly down under as Yule, cos it falls in autumn not spring!) ("Father, take this cup from me"?) ;-P

When I was 13 I began having this conviction that on the date August 13 2004, when I would be 26, I would kill myself. This became a huge part of my personal mythology and understanding of myself and how I see myself in this life. My assessment of what would happen changed several times and several people in my life attempted to make me believe that it was complete delusion and I almost did. However when that date came last summer I did a ritual to honour it and was aware that major changes were coming. It turns out that in a lot of ways I did end up killing myself (just not physically) and the events that led to that began right after August 13 2004, so somehow at age 13 I was aware that this would happen right at that time. Has anybody else had experiences similar to this?

August 13 (I forget what year, but a bloody long time ago, before my time!) happened to be the beginning of the Mayan "long count" calendar, which ends in 2012, Athena, so maybe that did signify in some way the beginning of the rest of your life? ;-))

Speaking of "delusional" prophecies, in 1999, I did my annual Jan. 1 Tarot reading for Bjorn Erik and me; he got it into his head (I did not say this) that something bad would happen on the 10th of the 10th that year (a "square day", NArdS?). As the 10/10 approached, he became increasingly agitated and anxious, to the point where he hospitalized himself for fear of either "hurting someone or someone hurting him", really badly... That Sunday, we two sat in the waiting room of the hospital and literally "waited", like those famous little existential angels looking up at the sky, as featured in my angel calendar for that month, and waited for the sky to fall... It didn't! Talk about existential, anti-climax Sunday, lol!

Dreams, visions, and Tarot Cards, all say I am going to die in 3 years. I hope they are all wrong!

A psychic also told Bjorn Erik that his life would "magically" improve when he turned 30, Ansur, and this too became a major part of his personal mythology: when he turned 30, he became permanently and chronically hospitalized! ;-P

My favorite movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" opened in Australia on March 24th and will be in theaters there at least through April. If you want to witness most of my current personal philosophy--just for kicks--see it!

Gotta see it... ;-))

But is it necessarily a physical death? I guess the point i forgot to make is that what you think something will be can occur in a way that you did not at all expect. I would consider looking further into what that could mean if you haven't yet ( your dreams visions and tarot cards), but that's just me .

In my humble opinion, Ansur and Athena, one should NEVER interpret the Death card in particular as a physical death, cos all the Major Arcana represent "states of mind" rather than physical realities; the minor, however, represent mundane scenarios, some of which can seem more dangerous or threatening than others... (Beware the 9 of Swords, as possible clinical depression, with suicidal tendencies?) ;-))

I have found myself in a "Death" state of mind myself lately, and find it no more morbid or suicidal than the leaves falling off the trees in autumn... although the "suicidal tree" in Monty Python's Meaning of Life does spring to mind! lol

The Rev Jen:
Astrological readings, tarot cards, and the like have all told me that I was going to get married "in two years." They've been saying this exact same thing since 1991. Maybe they meant two Uranian years. ;)


Maybe, -- jsw, lol! (That would mean 84 years.) But in any case one should take all "predictions" with a very large grain of temporal salt, because in this relative space-time continuum, not to mention multiverse, they can only "predict" what seems the most likely outcome from present indicators, and energies, which certainly never rules out that other indicators and energies cannot and do not intervene! ;-))

Um, also forget who said this (someone else):
We walked deeper and deeper into the woods, following any impressions that we got, listening for odd phenomena... but we had no success in this endeavor. It was actually like the entire woods were spiritually dead. Calming, but we couldnt feel, sense, or notice any activity going on (and we're a fairly sensitive bunch of folks!)

Me:! Speaking of "suicidal trees" just now... My Psi Q really has escalated lately? ;-))

Someone else (again):
Im considering learning the things. I've heard some people use it to great effect, but I also have known people who swear its shit. Also. Myth or not? buying Tarot Cards is a good way to curse them.

Hehe, I never bought Tarot cards: the first lot I made, myself, over a period of years; the second lot the universe handed to me, brand-new and unused, still in their wrapper: of course I did a cautionary cleansing anyway... But I find those ones HOT!!! And I don't mind the fact that the minor cards just have 'pips' on them, cos if I get stuck, I can mentally refer back to my own customised Tarot for images, which help... ;-))

I wonder however if one can also curse a Ouija board by buying it? ;-P

Dreams, visions, and Tarot Cards, all say I am going to die in 3 years. I hope they are all wrong!

---I mean this as encouragement, not insult... Ansur, fortune tellers divine the future. Mages create it for themselves.

Yeh, ---Bridgett, as in the fact that using E-prime also helps to take a more active command over your life, rather than seeing yourself as the victim of passive predictions, and forces! Personally, I enjoyed my little bit of 'Pisces energy' birthday magick, which incidentally also got my rose quartz fountain flowing again (long dormant feng shui bonus: being Pisces, it would have to awaken the energies of water!)... The goddesses Ix Chel (Mayan moon goddess) and Durga also helped ;-))

Someone else:
I currently own six different decks, three of which I purchased myself. I'm not aware of any taboos regarding buying your own deck. As with all my magical tools, I choose them based on instinct.

For the cyber-Tarot of the day, also see my blog
(in the sidebar): and that has also seen some striking synchronicities of late! Completely uncursed by anyone's definition, because completely free, and if you want, you can also, for free, opt for a more in-depth reading ;-))

If you want a more personal touch, get me on Yahoo Messenger arachne6662004 and I will do you a free IJJ reading, with or without webcam! And I promise, no predictions of either "death" or "marriage"! lmao

Love, Dragonwizard
"I tell you, in order to give birth to a dancing star, you must have chaos in you. And I tell you, you - you have chaos within you!" - Nietzsche
"I dedicate in order to catalyze,
Universalizing energy.
I seal the matrix of self-generation
With the crystal tone of cooperation.
The power of magick guides me."


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Which X-Men figure did you bring to life, and how ? Good to hear that Mercury is no longer retrograde. Is that why creativity is now starting to flow ?

Also - how did the Universe 'hand' you the second set of tarot cards. As for the tarot card being in your sidebar - maybe you should call it your 'topside bar'! And what's an IJJ reading ?

And yikes ! Today is the 3 of swords !

12:27 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Don't know which X-men figure: I asked,but being non-verbal he could not tell me.
Yep, it seems Mercury going direct also has direct benefits for you!! ;-))
Remember when I found them in a box in the hard rubbish collection?
Don't worry about the 3 of Swords any more: that came true yesterday (I didn't hear from Josh), but he woke me up on my mobile this morning (3 of Swords particularly poignant for mothers) ;-))

12:39 pm  

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