Thursday, April 14, 2005

Red Magnetic Dragon, galactic activation portal

Hughsey (aka Davo) says: Not happy this week, people: the pope's funeral delayed the footy... and we already knew the results! Posted by Hello

And re the supposedly "un-American" activities of the Wiggles: why should Americans object to the supposedly annoying voices of Australians (who, Hughesy? lol)? I had a son who grew up pronouncing the last letter of the Alphabet Song "zee", due to the influence of Sesame St! ;-P

Damn, I wanted to post another email conversation from wyrd_crossings for your delectation, since Mercury going direct seems to have opened the floodgates there as well, but it seems to have vanished off my clipboard in making the wyrd crossing to Blogger! Maybe some things just don't want me to post them ;-P

I will just post Ansur's little story, instead, as that seems all that has survived intact, and goes well with today's "dragon" theme, anyway ;-))

Omg, Ansur has something there: Yellowstone really seems the next supervolcano to go off; see!

Our Interesting Past, as Interpreted by Ansur
INTERPRETATION: About 65 Million years ago, Tyrannosaurus Ansurus, the first and only semi-intelligent dinosaur, discovered a technique called Chaos Magic. Actually, it wasn't really called that, it was pronounced more like, 'Grrr Gruffff' in those days. Unfortunately, instead of "Calling Forth", or "Calling Up", T. Ansurus discovered a technique now named "Downvoking" and the Asteroid known as 'Ceres Feces' hit the Pangaea Delta - which fanned out across the Elusive Plains. And so the Sh__ really hit the fan! Therefore and it came to pass, brethren and sisters, that the dinosaurs, except for politicians, became extinct. Over the next millions of years the Great Goddess monkeyed around with various different forms of intelligent life, finally settling on Gigantis Pithicantus, now known as the Sasquatch or Yeti. But a smaller, dimmer-witted ape-like species, Homo Moginized, a failed experiment, slipped through the cracks and into dark caves where it flourished and grew with the mushrooms. So by the time GP evolved into the Netherandrials (called that because they settled in the Netherlands), the now evolved Homo Sapiens were already there and setting up fast food restaurants.
FACT: Over 75,000 years ago, Homo sapiens, which evolved in Africa -not in the"Fertile Crescent" as was once preached in some churches, reached an intellectual level somewhat comparable to what we have now. But around 70,000 years ago a gigantic volcano, known as a Super Volcano erupted and changed the earth's climate for several years. Africa and mankind was plunged into a drought so severe that the human race was almost wiped out! In fact, from the DNA evidence, it is predicted that only about 2000 individuals survived. Our species almost became extinct! According to some reliable scientists Yellow Stone Park, located in Montana,USA, is the next Super Volcano that will go off. The hundreds of thousands of humans living at that time died and only the smartest and cleverest survived. This culled our species, leaving only the most fit and intelligent. (But I slipped past anyway). (Sometimes being sneaky is better than being smart).
INTERPRETATION: When, 45,000 years ago, the African humans migrated into Europe and replaced the "Neths" already there, other migrations to other parts of the world also began. But the Big Foot creatures retreated to the wilderness of the forests - because they couldn't dance without stepping on their partner's big feet! In olden times before firearms, the Yeti often raided the villages and scared the villagers so much that the European homos turned white! And so it happened - I swear it is so! The morals of this story is that: Do not dance if your feet are too big, stay away from volcanoes, and never ever downvoke or listen to people who swear! Ansur

On wyrd_crossings, we have an Ansur for everything, folks! lol


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

So Hughesy's a Red Magnetic Dragon, is he ? More of his comments on your blog would be appreciated.

And three cheers for Sesame Street. And four for the Wiggles.

1:14 am  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

So what's the story on this Ansur person, Claire ? Please dish the dirt.

11:05 am  

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