Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Red Cosmic Skywalker (dream)

It seems I find myself on some sort of long drive, with a lot of people, in some sort of community bus; I find it rather boring as a mere passenger, and seek permission from those in charge to drive at least part of the way back. However, I feel afraid that the roads look rather slippery, icy, dangerous and wet, so I do not take on this responsibility, and arrive back at our hotel feeling I have missed some sort of opportunity (to prove myself?).
Have also given Neurocam the big flick; how could I write a report, when I didn't bother turning up? The game seemed all too complex, and silly, and I don't like the idea of someone judging me when I don't know what for, so I decided to save them the bother and jump before they pushed me (not unrelated to above dream, perhaps?).


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Funny you were dreaming about a bus, and leaving it. Last night I dreamed about a time-travelling ship, which I left at the last minute to pursue my own journey in a row boat.

I wonder whether I am the only one reading this who knows what Neurocam is. I wouldn't get too upset about not fulfilling their requirements, given that you found them unrealistic, and didn't even know what their ultimate goals were.

9:50 am  

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