Monday, April 11, 2005

The Queen holds her cup outward, as if to present it to a friend as a gift of trust. She will know within herself, psychologically, that the person to whom she awards the cup is worthy of it. A tiger strides behind her. Her rank is designated by the cat head on her hair.
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I often chose this card as a favorite significator (representing myself) in the Tarot, and I find this Cat People Tarot version enchanting! Boy, that Tiger does not muck around, when he sneaks into your medicine wheel one lunar month... Maybe I attracted him with my mention of "Tiger Tiger Burning Bright" in my blog description, but he seems rapidly becoming a new power animal of mine, as yang as they come, as per the Chinese (polar opposite of Monkey, and traditional arch-nemesis, too! lol). I always fancied myself as some kind of Queen of Hearts (women have limited options when choosing Tarot significators, because the Tarot restricts them often to Queens,when men have both Kings and Knights to choose from; the junior court card generally represents a child, or perhaps the "inner child", of either sex: I can feel Sebi's ears prick up at this!). Interesting that the Cat People Tarot calls her both poetic, and maternal (Josh resurfaces for my birthday?). I sort of figured him as the "significant encounter" prefigured for that day! Re holding the cup out in trust to someone worthy of it: I have learnt, and quite recently too, not to trust everyone as worthy of it, and that seems an important learning curve too!
Another sign of "cat" influence lately: I also wanted to buy, if any, Katja's blue Burmese moggy pic, Polandra(?), named after the sorceress in the David Eddings books by the way... Correct me if I err, which I feel I probably have. But her blue moggy represented, to me, the best, simplest and most appealing of her animal pics, and she did inspire me with her ibises to do Thoth! (Cats and the moon: now there is a connection - see W.B.Yeats' poem on The Cat and the Moon: "and the cat lifts to the changing moon his changing eyes"). Jaguar, also in my medicine wheel this month, diametrically opposite Tiger (a tripped-out Dali tiger, btw), may of course also have something to do with it ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

A very interesting analysis. I was wondering whether you would make the connection between the Queen of Cups and Durga, especially since the pic you posted of Durga has her entertaining a tiger !

And happy birthday for tomorrow ! May you live to see 100, as the Greeks say !

8:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the sorceress in the David Eddings novel was named "Polgara" not Polandra. It is however a made up name I, and others apparently, have created based on the "pol" prefix.

3:55 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

And how might we call you?

9:50 pm  

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