Thursday, April 21, 2005

Omg, the synchronicities fly thick and fast; cyber-Tarot for today no less than the Pope: "Tendency to cling to ideas and principles even if outdated. A person to whom one has recourse (or not). Conformity. A religious or spiritual leader. A person with a sense of historical importance." And the Glasshouse does the Save Toby fund!! lol Su's Chaos Magickal website. Brilliant graphics, and a showcase of Aussie Chaos at its finest. I felt especially moved by the story of Jenny ("Enduring Mind"), and, also under "Letters to Strangers", illuminated by the explorations of the mythology of Medusa. They really explain a lot (thanks, Su!), as in why Athena should suddenly attract me to paint her (current magickal work in progress) with a Medusa medallion around her warrior neck: at first I felt disloyal to Medusa in so doing, but now I know that Athena represents in fact a form of Medusa herself, I no longer feel such an aversion to her (the only one I felt among all the goddesses!); the warrior maiden goddess wears an image of herself as her own talisman! I find it also nice to know that Athena seems not the "daddy's girl" I took her for, but comes herself from an ancient female lineage ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

It would be interesting to hear what significance you think "The Pope" card has for your day today.

I missed "The Glasshouse". Drats, drats, and double drats ! And they even talked about poor little Toby !

Thank goodness that Athena has a nicer hairdo ! I'll look forward to seeing the finished product, and we can post it to your blog if you want to.

10:52 am  

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