Sunday, April 17, 2005

Holy Bat out of Hell in my belfry, Batman!! ;-))

Dear Claire,
I meant to go take a look at your blog after you left me some spiffy flattering comments on my Extispicy blog a couple or so weeks back, but I've been pretty bogged down in boring stuff lately, so I only just had the time earlier today to peruse around and poke through your blog. Good stuff! And I've blogrolled you in return.
Enjoyed all the tarot and magick/mystical stuff you talk about. I've been quite deeply into all that for eons, but I just don't talk about it a lot online on my site or blog -- I had some stuff up once in my half-abandoned kinda hidden "Oracle of Pipistrelli" section of many years ago, but I got kinda tired of getting email from teenages telling me they wanna learn all about the occult or the tarot asking me to tell them all about it and then also all those earnest emails from Xtians sending me soul-saving advice.
Actually, even the articles I wrote years ago on the herb wormwood (on Sepulchritude's absinthe section) still oddly gets me earnest emails from Xtians, too, as apparently they bloody named some star in Revelations wormwood, although I've since heard from a Greek bible scholar that the translation of the star's name has been in linguistic scholarly dispute ever since it was first translated. I was amused to see in one of your recent blog entries the couple of rituals you referenced from the Autonomatrix site. I was once a member of that group (about ten or so years ago). Technically, I still am a member as I never formally quit and being a so-called "solo practitioner" in the group pretty much means I'm not required to be sociable or communicate like those in working groups are anyway. Heh. Actually, a lot of the group simply has fallen apart from the looks of the mailing list forum -- a few people still keep up, but I think a lot of the members, especially the old members, have probably just settled into their own sub-circles that are more geographically convenient.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I was actually the one who wrote the Baudelaire's Drunk rite (most of the literary-oriented rites up on the AX are likely to have been ones I worked on -- I was using what I called the Dead Author paradigm. Something I never wrote up formally, but should have.) I think I wrote 13 rites over the time I was a more active participant in the group. The rites on the Autonomatrix don't give the author(s)' attribution on any of the rites. although there is a complicated key somewhere else on the AX site that cross lists authors with the rites and with the author's magick names or pseudonyms.
Did you find the AX site from some link on my sites somewhere (or find my site from a link on the AX site)? Or was that just a weird synchronitic coincidence? Somehow, in a short period of time, you did seem to stumble on seemingly all my disparate crap online and have made nice mentions of them in your blog! But from reading some of your blog, perhaps this is not so coincidental. We do seem to have quite a lot of interests and tastes in common. So, I simply wanted to drop ya a note to say howdy to an apparent kindred spirit! So. Howdy! cheers, Bat -- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong." -- Bertrand Russell


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Very interesting, Bat person !

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