Friday, April 15, 2005

The Dark Horse of the Apocalypse?

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Shamans say, if you look into the eyes of the jaguar, you can see the future ;-))

Try this one on for size: I have heard a vicious rumor that Australian archbishop George Pell could amount to a "dark horse" in the running of the next papal election, just when you thought popes could not get any worse! I have also heard it prophesied (in Nostradamus, or Fatima, or somewhere?) that the last pope could signify the second last... so what does that make Pell (or the next pope) but, not so much the Rabbit, or even the Four biblical Horsemen, as the Dark Horse of the Apocalypse? ;-P


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Very nice pic. This is the third jauguar thing that I've come across today. I'll check out the site.

11:45 pm  
Blogger Craig at home said...

And do you also realise that if George Pell was elected Pope, and then he was followed by Ringo Starr... we'd have John Paul, George and Ringo!

9:26 pm  

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