Friday, April 29, 2005

"Castles in the air" dream + inner workings of the Temple of Doom

In the face of divorce papers, I can still incubate a dream (from the Secret Dakini Oracle card "castles in the air", which always reminded me of Bjorn Erik out on day leave, coming home as "king" to his "castle") in which we meet up in a big, fancy hotel on our way to go and live together somewhere else, and enjoy exploring the many, huge rooms, and Bjorn Erik even tells me I don't seem that drunk...! lol

Comments: it seemed when we lived together, the meaning of my life consisted in loving and caring for him; now we live apart, the meaning of my life still consists in dreaming about him!

Strangely enough, the song stuck in my brain as I awaken: "You, still the only one that feels like home"...;-))

This email seemed so funny in response to an email query of mine, that I reproduce it here, for the insights it provides, for those of us not tied to the cycles of paid employment, into the life and times of wage-slaves:

>Aahhhh. "End of Month": the term we use to refer to those halcyon days that mark the last working day of each calendar month.

Corporations throughout the land hold these days sacred and have a seemingly universal ritual related to them.

Each month, on the last working day, we balance all the books. We bring all entries up to date and the acolytes known as Data Comptrollers feed data to the great god 'Kom-Puta', under the watchful eye of the High Priest himself, the Finance Manager.

Kom-Puta, when, awakened, must have the entire weekend (and part of Monday morning) to complete his task and digest his meal of Data. When the time seems right, the lesser priests of the Kom-Puta Department, as we know the Temple of Knowledge, bring the word of Kom-Puta to a meeting of all the High Priests in the organisation who are collectively known as 'Senior Management'.

Senior Management interprets the word of Kom-Puta and invariably prophesy doom and disaster for all except themselves. Sometimes, they make human sacrifice as an offering to the Goddess "Bud-Get". (This is called 'Downsizing' and we often say the 'Downsized' 'Get a Package'.)

We hold eight of these End of Month rituals each year as well as two lesser Sabbats called 'End of Quarter One' and 'End of Quarter Three' and two major Sabbats called 'Half Year' and End of Year'

Strangely, these Quarterly Sabbats bear no relation whatever to the Calendar year, but we tie them to something called the Fiscal Year or Financial Year which usually starts in Australia on July 1st. Some organisations such as the cult I belong to have their roots in Europe. They have abandoned the Australian Fiscal Year and use the Dutch Fiscal Year to arrange their rituals. This Dutch Fiscal Year Starts on December 1st and ends on November 30th. Thus we have End if Q.1 held on the last working day of February, Half Year on the last working day of May etc.

I hope this helps you understand the workings of the 'Temple of Doom'.


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Sometimes dreams can be like nice little souvenirs, and remind us of the beautiful things we have experienced in our lives.

Where did the expression "The Temple of Doom" come from ? And I thought you said that you were such a good budgeter, I am surprised that you are satirizing the workings of others who do this too. It must be that their workings pay no attention nor homage to the natural cycles, or maybe Fotomecus has dipped his nib in here to have his say. Anyway, I'd better stop here, as I'm rambling...

5:39 pm  

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