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Maya mythology Maya mythology refers to the pre-Columbian Maya civilization's extensive polytheistic religious beliefs. These Mesoamerican people followed their religion from over 3,000 years ago until the 9th century, and some stories continue to be told by modern day Maya people as folk tales.
Only three complete Maya texts have survived through the years. The Europeans burned the majority of their books during their conquest of Mesoamerica. Available knowledge of Maya mythology, as such, is rather limited...... Camazotz was a
In the Popol Vuh
The Popol Vuh ("Council Book"; Popol Wuj in modern Quiché spelling) is the book of scripture of the Quiché, a Kingdom of the Maya civilization in Guatemala.
The name Popol Vuh was also adopted by two European rock bands: see Popol Vuh (Norwegian band) (1970s) and Popol Vuh (German band) (1970–2002).
The book begins with the Maya civilization's creation myth followed by the stories of the Maya Hero Twins Hunahpu (Junajpu) and Xbalanque (Xb'alanke), prominent figures of Maya mythology. The book continues with details of the foundation and history of the Quiché Kingdom, tying in the royal family with the legendary gods in order to assert rule by divine right...... The common noun refers to bat-like monsters encountered by the
Maya Hero Twins , who feature prominently in Maya mythology: Ixbalanque and Hun-Apu.


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An interesting overview, Claire. Also interesting is the fact that I see that you've improved upon your linking technique, which is looking spiffy ! Well done.

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