Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Red Self-Existing Serpent

Sorry, I had to delete the post containing the quote in French from, even though I painfully related to it: it stuffed up my whole blog! However, today's horoscope, in the local paper is more promising: "Virgo (rising) - You hate laying down the law to friends or loved ones. Since you're already feeling uncomfortable, address issues directly. You'll not only be surprised by the answers you'll get, you'll also put these to rest for good. This is superb timing, because there is an abrupt upswing in the mood midweek. This is the beginning of a cycle of ideas and offers that continues until midmonth." So I took the bull by the horns, and acted on it, and cut off my mum's 'thread' in midstream, saying the discussion is closed! I also set her "false memory" straight for the record; she has a disturbing tendency to make up false memories about me, as in the time she reckoned I had made Joshua go shopping for the two of us when he was little, and I sick - as if I would entrust a small Josh with the week's budget - even Josh laughed at the idea when I told him! My father did the same with me, to the extent of completely re-editing my whole childhood, and I am no longer talking to him (because you just can't argue with bullshit!). Hopefully my mum will get the point that I am just not going to put up with her shit, either. Black magic is not what witches do to muggles, really; it is what muggles do to witches! ;-P

lol @ secrets of taking good pet pics on Totally Wild: dogs are born camera hounds, really! Sit, Hudson, sit, good dog! ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

I would be interested to see what the quote from "Moscow in Paris" was. Anyway, I'm glad to see that you're reading it (but not glad to see that it's stuffing up your blog).

All I can say in relation to your Mum is that it's really hard to be nice to people that have not been nice to us in the past, even though all the rules say to honour and be patient with your parents. At least it seems that you are breaking a cycle.

Glad to see that you are posting again too !

9:30 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

It was the bit where he was suicidal. And this blog is still stuffing up, btw, because it even spaced Dave way down the page, as it was spacing the other post way down the page! ;-P

Rules? You know what I think about rules: they are made to be broken! lol But after going to bed ridiculously early tonight, feeling crook (kind of a low-grade fever: my mum literally made me sick), laughter was the best medicine, and Dave made me feel better. It's a miracle? lol

9:43 pm  

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