Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Post-resurrection dramas of an art therapist/shamanic counsellor

Now I know the "inner meaning" of why I had to go through that whole "death-and-resurrection" paradigm on the weekend: as a counsellor and shaman, it makes you that much more empathic towards the anger, pain, suffering, fear (and whole yikes! negativity thingies) of others; in fact, as a "wounded healer", it makes you able to recognise and put names on these, as you also recognise them in your own experience...In fact, I have come to the conclusion that my absolute avoidance of my family represents a necessary self-protective strategy as an empath? (I feel absolutely too bombarded with their 'vibrations' to deal with them effectively ;-P And while I employ these empathic strategies, my son probably represents the Indigo generation, so I can respect that too, as needing its own freedoms ;-)) )
At Gawith Villa, in the absence of the official art therapist, who would normally cramp my style (so to speak), it all erupted over - would you believe? football, and the disastrous loss of Collingwood (sob!) to the Western Bulldogs (Nathan Buckley had better get his act and his 'hammie' together :-(( ). Sex, politics and religion: piece of cake! Football seems the last of the great taboos and button-pushers in this society... One client nearly lost it over this, and needed restraining from doing serious injury to another; however, after a little walk and settling down to her art (which she loves, thank heavens!) she began a real journey, through Impressionism (hints and tones of sun, sea, sky and earthy beach at Phillip Island, which she loves, and of which she has fond holiday memories: a real elemental mandala, in other words) and sailing into a sunrise-sky with aeroplane and black balloon, to ...would you believe? Expressionism, the polar opposite of Impressionism, interiorly rather than exteriorly focussed, with a painting done Rorschach-style in running ink, which formed into the image of a little fiery red devil, horns and all, and obviously encapsulated very well the anger she was still feeling: a little red fiery devil of anger, still "seeing red" indeed; she loved this idea, and also the idea of "getting it out there" (on the paper) rather than "keeping it in there" (bottled up inside herself)... If I had made a journey from Impressionism to Expressionism in two hours, and three pieces, I would have felt tired as well, even without fulfilling the role of midwife/facilitator! lol We both did "real good work", in more ways than one, this morning! :-))
And again, at Sacred Heart, this afternoon, more dramas erupted! I sat myself down with the targeted client, after offering her a cuppa as she liked it (she nearly choking to death on her upset), white with two sugars (quick and easy way of establishing rapport, and basic trust!); she did not get to finish her art work (also an angry "fire bird", btw), but she did get heard out, and talked herself back into some sort of normality, as she sat outside on the steps in mellow autumnal sunshine, and crocheted, and sipped her cuppa... The other one, in the meantime, targeting everyone in sight, got banned for three weeks, after which she will no doubt come back with an even bigger chip on her shoulder than ever, but which in the meantime gives everyone else a bit of breathing space, and a chance to get on with their art (including me!) lol


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

The 'death-and-resurrection' paradigm, like the 'wounded healer', is a very interesting one. Good to see that you got to utilise your mediation skills at the art group.

I'm feeling a bit 'wounded' myself at the moment, what with my toothache, but start the first of my ten sessions of Creative Arts Therapy after my yoga class tonight.

12:01 pm  

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