Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hey, here you see my first celebrity AND audioblog, so excuse me if I gush a little: David Duchovny's voice coming right at ya (I so want to learn how to do that now!). But I probably won't sound as good as he does, because he has the sexiest male voice, imho, since Leonard Cohen... When do we down under get to see this "funny tragic urban fairy tale" about angels, speaking to us "in tongues", let alone the dreaded and infamous French class scene, which some reckon the best scene in the movie, although David as director has his doubts, as you will hear... ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Hey, I liked this link. David's site is a bit of fun, and it seems he's still got a large fan-base out there from his "The X-Files" days. I had a listen to the audio-blog too, of course, and would love to do one of them myself as well. This is the second blog I've come across with an audio post.

Strangley enough, I found a link to David Duchovny's blog myself somewhere in the blogospere a few days ago, but hadn't check it out, so thanks for the link.

8:54 am  

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