Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Now I know what it is about being 'directed' by the art therapist at Gawith Villa, both as a counsellor and a volunteer, that gave me the irrits yesterday: I have never seen her smile! Skilled as she is, and I have much respect for her skills and experience, that undoubtedly kick ass over mine, she is as cold as ice. She seems to have the shrink's 'god-complex' of passing down directives from on high, like Moses' god from Mount Sinai, engraved on tablets of stone: I know best, you don't, I prescribe... Where is the warmth? Where is the empathy? For example, when she asked one of the clients at group art therapy yesterday, "How does doing art make you feel?" (a perfectly valid question in itself), the client hardly had the verbal skills to respond, but I just looked into the client's eyes, met her broad, beaming smile with a broad, beaming smile of my own, and said, "I can see doing art makes you really happy", and therefore felt a more meaningful exchange of communication was accomplished! Maybe I am just more 'Gestalt' than the art therapist is (who tends to be more behavioral, and therefore directive and ice-cold, like Lilith on Frasier! lol) BTW, that is also what makes her 'art therapy' more like an art class than an art group: teachers can have the same 'god-complex' as doctors, and can therefore be more inhibiting to the art process itself, than the warm and mutually supportive atmosphere of an art group, where everyone is allowed to do their own thing, while respecting and encouraging, and constructively criticising, the 'things' of all the others! ;-))

Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade is now against abortion? What is the world coming to? Which reminds me: relations between me and Dragonsmane distinctly cooled when he came out against abortion; he does not know I have had one, and proud of it, as the best decision at the time, for both me and the unborn (who was incarnated a year later as my son?)... And it would seem that both the Pope and Dragonsmare are liable to the same neo-conservative error of confusing the individual choice/s to abort, with global decisions to conduct holocausts, and warfare in general ;-P

As this year's crop of St Anthony's brides file into the church of Lisbon, the Global Village plays, "What the world needs now, is love, sweet love". Is love a commodity in short supply? Is there too little to go around? Why do we associate "love" only with its institutional forms, and not the myriad of forms outside institutions? I would like Sebi to conduct a poll on this, or else show me how to put a mini-poll on this site: what do you think? Is there too little love to go around? Is that what is wrong with the world? Good freaking question!


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Do you get to do some artwork at Gawith Villa, or just supervise the clients with theirs ? At leasr if the counsellor is unapproachable the clients have you there.

Speaking of art groups, how are your latest creations coming along. I look forward to seeing them, and you'll have to take a few photos of them to put on your blog. Maybe we can create a meme :- rather than "Friday Pet Photoblogging" we can do "Friday Artwork Photoblogging" !

9:16 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

just supervising, assisting and encouraging...that is where I am a real volunteer, as opposed to Sacred Heart, where I am officially a "participant/volunteer", usually more participant than volunteer. If you want to see my latest creations, you will have to come to art group, then you can maybe take some pics of the finished one (not the unfinished, please!) ;-))

9:50 am  

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