Sunday, January 30, 2005

White Self-Existing Death/World-bridger, Blue Magnetic Night wavespell!

Talk about Blue Magnetic Night wavespell (13 days): hold on to your hat, and pay attention to your dreams!!! Today's glyph of the White Self-Existing Death/World-bridger (my guide kin) also has something to do with it, because it is as if I am in my grandparents' house, and both of them are still alive, and my grandfather is still sleeping with my grandmother in the back bedroom, which I used to share with her after he died. I am fascinated by the big, downy, silken coverlet in the front bedroom (my mother's room, as opposed to my uncle's, which was the sleepout, detached, out the back)... My astrological "grand cross" suddenly takes on a whole new meaning, from being the heavy "cross on my back" I thought it was, to "saying the hours" (like the Catholic/Carmelite recitation of the Divine Office), and then I suddenly realise: these four planets so vigorously opposing each other at right angles are my circle guardians, that I carry everywhere with me! (Also explains circle-guardians dream-fragment previously, a prelude to this revelation!). If I put Neptune at my back, as guardian of the west and water (Hler: Norse), which seems the easiest and most obvious correspondence to make, Mercury in the 8th house ("my grandmother's house", as in "mother of my mother", 4th house) rules the east and the element of air (Kari), Mars rules the north and the element of fire (Loge), Uranus rules the south and the element of earth (Rinda)! I am my own circle, and mandala!! Ta da!!! And now I know intimately as it were who my real guardians or Kauahtun are... Both my grandparents were also sidereal Librans, btw, so no wonder this dream started with them, since Mercury rules air, in this "my grandmother's house"! Welcome to it, btw, and welcome to my circle... To know me, is to know it! ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Astrological interpretations like this make me envious of your knowledge of astrology, but also make me despair of ever attaining a deep understanding of it - as it seems there is so much to learn (and I fear that you are much better at that than I am, Claire). How would you interpret the dream on a non-astrological level ?

9:22 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

On a 'non-astrological' level, the dream-fragment seemed to indicate a conflict about whether to accept crowd of "circle guardians" (Kauahtun, Mayan) or ritually dismiss them... although the feeling was of being surrounded by an abundance of friendly, protective presences! This dream teaches me to neither dismiss them, or resent them as a heavy "cross on my back", but embrace and accept their friendly, protective, not mention planetary presence(s)! The macrocosm is also truly in the microcosm, i.e. as above, so below...we are our own miniature solar systems (which is also the point of my "hermaphrodite" piece in art group,btw)! ;-))

10:31 am  

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