Sunday, December 26, 2004

My personality

I'm an Observer!

That means I'm one of the more kind-hearted people around. I am unusually intuitive, and I probably understand myself, as well as others. That also means I'm a good mediator — though I may prefer to spend more quiet time on my own than most. Because of the self-knowledge I already possess, I am better equipped than many to steer my life in the right direction.

My subconscious mind as revealed by Rorschach test

There, it's official!!!

My subconscious mind is driven most by Sexuality!!!

The world is a sexy place for me — my erotic self leads the way. Whether this is because I'm presently in a great physical relationship or simply want one, I am much more aware of the sexual undertones in situations than most people. This heightened focus, coupled with my vivid imagination, can make me more likely to have original — at times risqué — interpretations of things that other people might see as innocuous. My subconscious is telling me that I am very much alive, and have a great deal of passion to bring to life.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Dream, December 24, 2004

It was as if my Norwegian hubby Bjorn Erik Pedersen came to visit me. We take a train to the beach, from "Williamstown" (Melbourne bayside suburb), but it is a strange, wooden, boxy sort of train, that runs on overgrown, grassy tracks rather than rails. The beach seems to be in Norway, not Australia, although sunny! We have a little black and white dog [this day of the White Resonant Dog, just like that owned by supposed 2nd "love of life", Russell Aggett], but it is scared of the red and gold dragon puppet I also carry with me. I am worried because we have apparently left our bathers behind in "Williamstown" and cannot go for a swim... We have to cross a roomful of rock pools before getting to thebeach [reminds me of Melbourne Aquatic Centre, simulated waves in a wave-pool,but all indoors!], and there is also a stylish suite of shops/offices thatdistracts me on the way: they have a version of our "robot" [cf. robot puppy, from Christmas 2001], that is much taller than ours, and nearly runs amok into the traffic, but a kindly stranger (passerby) rescues it for me, preventing embarrassment... Our robot is a little Dalek-type thingy we call "Stormboy", andBjorn Erik is bent over it, apparently doing some mechanical repairs, as Russell might have done in real life...Wondering if our robot was called "Stormboy" (after an Aussie children's bookabout a boy and his pelican, or cormorant) 'cause it is the year of the BlueCrystal Storm... ;-)

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